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the phone shop and changed that one too. View answer in context, i Have the exact same problem with my brand new iPhone 6, 64gb, space grey, verizon.

I would have to press my ear tryck to the phone so hard sometimes. Other times, I would try and aim the speaker at different parts of my ear, to see if that did the trick. If the plastic piece is off and the volume is all the way up and you still can barely hear someone there may be a problem. Removed it and replaced it properly and now works just great. View answer in context, hello zackniaz, If the receiver on your iPhone is low, check out the steps below to see if you can get it sorted out. They have given me a replacement but that phone had the same problem. Page 1/4 User profile for user: zackniaz Question: Q: iPhone 6 low volume when on call. This will ignore all interrupt coming from your iPhone, for Increase call volume in iPhone 6 and. I know my speaker is loud although I couldn't hear anything until I took that plastic piece off. View answer in context, page content loaded. Your suggestion helped and the voice quality improved. Appt Genius Bar tommorrow I'm having the same issue. If I go to my settings, Cellular, I see Cellular Data, then Enable LTE, next is Data Roaming, but there is no "Data Only" to check or uncheck. Cant hear incoming call sound on your iPhone, Check level up while you are talking on iPhone. If necessary, clean it with a clean, small, dry, soft-bristled brush. I Have the same issue, im thinkg of returning the new iphone6. To increase that: Use volume up button, Increase sound intensity, test the sound quality, isnt any changes then move on next step. Learn more about troubleshooting Bluetooth connections. Go to settings -celluar -Check data only it seems that wifi calling has a factor in this. Because This plastic cover the Hearing speaker of your iPhone and its not visible usually. In iOS 11 : Hearing Devices renamed with, mFi Hearing Aids. Also, please notice that when you are turning on the Hearing Aid mode, it continously is searching for a Device. I've looked at the Apple Community board and there's lots of problems with this!

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Remove dust from your iPhone iphone speaker slot. IPhone 7, people who changed old iPhone 5S 5 4S to iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. Also fix This problem, have any of you that have the same problem tried other peoples iPhone 6 plus to experiment. My only recourse was to set an appointment with the closest Apple store 7 Plus facing low volume experience on iPhone. If you check back to the Hearing aid area. Not sure what you mean, contact Apple Support, thanks for any views of this. Does that ever stop when you exit out. I had the same problem too, get the whole idea on mono audio. If the issue is not resolved.

I believe that this is a spotify app issue.I have been having the same problems.It is usually very loud in my car on bluetooth but for some reason it randomly decreases the volume and even if I turn it all the way up, it's still not as loud as it should.

But You should remove, and his had the iphone 6 spotify volume low same volume. I just got the iPhone 6 Plus and I have iphone 6 spotify volume low the volume up all the way. But sound over the phone seems to be much lower.


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Go to the, settings Sounds Ringer and Alerts.In case are you failed after followed above steps accurately, Apple will help you?View answer in context, i had brought mine in to Genius, who seemed to spend more time making sure that my phone wasn't stolen, than showing me there was a diagnosis going.”