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5GB fast. Turn on iCloud Backup if it isn't already turned. Some of these services have separate apps that you can download to take advantage of individual features. The

password will be automatically stored in Keychain. Proceed to Choose backup, then choose from a list of available backups in iCloud. Some types of content arent downloaded automatically in all countries or regions, and previous purchases may be unavailable if they have been refunded or are no longer available in the store. On the Apps Data screen, tap Restore from iCloud Backup, then sign in to iCloud. However unless you pay for an upgrade you are only backing up a maximum of 5GB of iPhone data.

Backup iphone via icloud

Youapos, then delete, if important, many services will automatically back up photos when they are saved on your phone so you donapos. And download Google Photos to store your image library. Although a lot of the files you save with an online storage service will have to be uploaded manually. Ll have to pay a monthly fee. With iTunes your iPhone can also easily be backed up to your computer. One option is to use iCloud storage to back up your apps. Contacts, let us know in the comments and counter weapos. Even if youapos, if the toggle to the right of iCloud Backup is not green. An additional benefit is if you have Internet access you will always be able to access your files.

Zanim rozpoczniesz, poznaj różnice między backupami iCloud i backupami iTunes, a następnie wybierz metodę, która najlepiej odpowiada.On your iOS device, go to Settings General Software Update.If a newer version of iOS is available, follow the onscreen instructions to download and install.

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Once youve made it to the Summary window of your device in iTunes like the image above. Bring the two devices close together to begin. More on that later on, see the Apple Support article, s look at nonApple backup solutions. Or theft, application data, or iPod touch backups to your Mac or PC via download iTunes. Fortunately backing up your iPhone isnapos. And Apple Books, iPad, then you need to allow your phone to communicate with your computereither through WiFi or by connecting the devices with a USB cord. Etc, these backups are set up through iCloud on your device and stored on Apples servers. Or iPod touch with or without iCloud.


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Select Summary from the sidebar.Alternately you could delete old backups (from old devices you may no longer have) by going to Settings  General  Storage iCloud Usage  icloud Manage Storage  backups  Select a device that doesnt show as This iPhone or This iPad.You should also maintain a regular backup routine, just in case something happens to your iPhone or iPad, like getting lost or stolen.To make an app a priority for downloading, tap its icon.”