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other important iPhone data, like contacts, photos, music, etc. This is a potential iTunes alternative as well and undoubtedly the best method on how to transfer notes from iPhone

to computer without iTunes. You can also simply use Email to transfer notes from iPhone. ICloud is an integral part of the whole iOS ecosystem and we all know about its transferring capabilities as well. 0 how to transfer notes from iphone to android possibility of data loss or hacking during the transfer. This is a professional iOS data transfer program capable of transferring any type of notes from your iPhone to computer. It is a fast way to transfer notes from iPhone to computer but comes with limitations like complete dependency on good Wi-Fi or Internet connection and most importantly cursed with storage limitations. While Android devices support SD card for easy data transfer, iPhones do not have this capability. Moreover, it can be used if you want to backup your device on the web. Now, on your PC or Mac, open your email and download the note from the attachment and save it to your desired location. AnyTrans for Android is just the way you are looking for. Apowersoft Phone Manager, if youre a Windows user, the easiest way for you is to use Apowersoft Phone Manager. Writing down notes is a very important part of our daily life especially in our professional life and with the launch of newer iPhones and the Notes app, it is notably getting easier. So, dont hesitate to give it a try now in case you will have further transfer needs. This is one of the most common ways used by iOS users to transfer data from their phone to a computer. If you havent synced your iPhone with iTunes before, remember to sync it once. If you like this article, do share and comment below! Now, you will see all your synced notes. Go to Settings on iPhone Tap Accounts Passwords Choose Add Account Tap on Google and add Gmail into your iPhone.

How to transfer notes from iphone to android

Besides, which skicka anonyma sms iphone makes it more flexibility to move files from iPhone to Android. You can also use these methods for other important data. How to Copy Contacts from iPhone to Android. Enter the Apple ID and password and proceed. We can backup our iPhone notes to the computer through iTunes. Allows you to preview and select the data before transferring. On iPhone, free download it and have a try now. How can you transfer notes from iPhone to Android. Click Export and choose whether, your notes will be uploaded to iCloud server automatically.

Email would be an alternative for sending a few notes. Again, secure Download, download AnyTrans for Android and install it on your MacPC Connect your iPhone and Android phone transfer to the computer with USB cables. But since they are stored in the cloud server.

Notes app on our device keeps plenty of important info in daily life, such as sketch ideas, memorable experience, wonderful excerpt, etc.You will be asked to sign in to your iCloud account.


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In this article, we have come up with the best possible methods to get the job done easily and effectively.Its other functions include managing contacts or messages, displaying your phone screen on PC and taking screenshots.Keep in mind; you can only send one note at a time and this is why it is not a very practical method to go for.Launch the Notes app on iPhone.”