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rear cover and two screws to secure it in place. Edit If any of the adhesive strips broke off and the battery remains stuck to the rear case, prepare

an iOpener or use a hair dryer to heat the rear case directly behind the battery. If the bracket does not snap down flush, you may need to remove the bracket and slide it over the cable connector again for a better fit. Be sure you're separating the cable connector from its socket, and not prying the entire socket. If you rip the cable, installing a new home button will only restore ordinary home button functions, replacement replacement not the Touch ID features. Edit Remove the front panel assembly from the rear case. Place the bottom of your iPhone in between the suction cups, against the plastic depth gauge. You need to open up a small gap so you can begin to pry the screen open. Hot this week, showing slide current_slide of total_slides - Hot this week. In a pinch, you can use an unopened canned beverage to hold the display. The iSclack is designed to safely open your iPhone just enough to separate the pieces, but not enough to damage the home button cable. The clips should click into place and you should have no resistance when replacing the two Pentalobe screws. You can carefully remove this or leave it in place. Disconnect the LCD cable connector. Keep the cable looseif it is stretched taut, that's too far. How to replace the battery in an iPhone 5 (plus 5C or 5S). Tell us what you think - opens in new window or tab. Some iPhone 4 models have standard Philips 00 screws, so a Philips 00 screwdriver is all you'll need. Slide it to power the phone off. Note that on the iPhone 4 there's a black contact clip below the connector which the screw threads through. Spudger iOpener, plastic Cards iSclack, tweezers iPhone 5s Replacement Battery.99, buy iPhone 5s/5c/SE Battery Adhesive Strips.99, buy, video Overview, before you proceed, discharge your iPhone battery below. Important: Apply heat to the bottom of the iPhone case using an iOpener or similar heating pad to soften up the battery adhesive strips and make them more flexible, otherwise they will probably break when you pull on them. Add a rubber band to keep the display securely in place while you work. Close the handle on the iSclack, opening the suction-cup jaws. If that happens, simply reconnect the cable and power cycle your phone.

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Remove the two, make sure the contact clip is properly positioned 009 E string from a 12string set. Skip the display removal and go directly to the battery removal steps 99 The next two steps demonstrate using the iSclack. This guide instructs you to remove the front panel assembly. Slide the rear cover upwards by a few millimetres and lift it off. Which may damage it and cause it to release dangerous chemicals or catch fire. A stronger alternative to dental floss is an unwound guitar string. A great tool for safely opening the iPhone that we recommend for anyone doing more than one repair. Skip the next two steps, iSclack, before fitting the new battery. The top of replacement the bracket needs to slide between the battery and Touch ID cable connector. Keep the card as flat as possible to avoid bending the battery.

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Or you may damage the vlc volume button ribbon cable. Each model differs slightly, maintaining constant tension on the strip as it slips out from between the battery and the rear case. The strip will stretch to many times its original length. Carefully pry up each connector and remove the screen. If your battery wonapos, so donapos, t even last a day with normal use. Then, we show you how to fit a battery in your iPhone and save money compared to Appleapos.


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iframe id"dozuki-embed-19239" src"m/Guide/embed/19239/full" width"800" allowfullscreen iframe src"m/Guide/embed/19239" width"800" height"584" allowfullscreen Preview View Statistics: Past 24 Hours: 538 Past 7 Days: 3,822 Past 30 Days: 17,248 All Time: 1,037,073.Such toolkits are cheap and readily available, but it might save money to buy a battery which comes with the necessary tools.Edit Make sure the battery is disconnected before you disconnect or reconnect the cable in this step.”