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that was sent with the SIM card. Your iPhone can remain connected to the web as long as youre in the range oft a Wi-Fi hotspot. You can remove

PIN code requests by disabling. Youre asked to type the current code. Risks are inherent in the use of the Internet. The Phone application and dial #. Please note that if you happen recension to perform a hard reboot or reset on your device; your iPhone will regain the status of being factory unlocked. If the SIM card security setting is active, youre asked to insert the. Fortunately, there is a quick way to get the SIM card unlock dialog back. Fact: Be careful what security code you use! Sim Lock, which can be lifted by entering the SIM cards PIN. Whenever you buy a new SIM Card, it comes with a default PIN code, used for activating. This might prove itself annoying.

Turn your SIM PIN on or off. It is recommended to at least use a Passcode locked sim iphone on your iPhone for security and privacy purposes. All you need to do is to remove the rsim and let the unsupported SIM be inside. Once your iPhone home screen comes up 12, you may like to read the following posts. You might experience a data leak. Undoubtedly, learn how locked sim iphone to change PIN on iPhone here.

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Unlock SIM on iPhone via Settings App. How To EnableDisable SIM Lock, it looks like this on all iOS versions newer than iOS. Is provided without recommendation or endorsement. The dialog will return, tip, the process is working fine locked sim iphone but there are significant chances that Apple. Allowing you to tap Unlock and enter your SIM PIN for unlocking purposes. Just like it does with other tricks.

Unlock Locked iPhone with Simple Tricks on iOS.4.1 Devices.Locked Sim message, in the top-left corner of the screen, you wont be able to perform any cellular calls, or benefit from.However, if you type the wrong PIN more than 3 times, your SIM card is permanently locked and can be recovered only with the PUK code.


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After a reboot or after swapping your SIM card, your iPhone might show a popup window saying SIM Locked and ask you to Unlock SIM.The most common 4-digit combinations are: 0000 or 1234.Next, put in an unsupported SIM, along with the R-SIM, into your locked iPhone.”