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7 is the most stand out choice. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are available in six color options for the first time. IPhone 7 Colors Scratches,

while there was a major problem with the black iPhone 5 scratching, this is not much of an issue for the iPhone. If you choose the black iPhone 7, or opt for the tired and true Gold, Silver and Rose Gold, you should be fine. Apple cautions, high-gloss finish of the jet black iPhone 7 is achieved through a precision nine-step anodization and polishing process. Apple just added a Red iPhone 7 to the mix, after adding two new iPhone 7 colors in fall 2016. Well help you decide which iPhone 7 color option you should buy, and which iPhone 6s and iPhone SE colors you should buy as well. There is a reason you dont see white hdtvs. Apple announced a collection of new iPhone 7 cases. The Jet Black, Rose Gold, and Gold iPhone 7 colors are the most fashionable colors. There are also many upgrades to the iPhone 7 like a new force touch home button, no headphone jack, upgraded speakers and it is water resistant so you might not need a case. Apple warns that the Jet Black iPhone 7 is more susceptible to scratches. IPhone 7 Colors Entertainment, if you plan to use the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus for watching movies and TV shows all the time, the Black and Jet Black iPhone 7 color options are the best options to consider. Space Gray is still a solid choice on the iPhone 6s and iPhone.

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209 votes, one other factor to consider as you choose between iPhone 7 colors is shared how it will handle wear or fading. IPhone 7 Colors Fading and Wear, this can cause changes to the colors or leave a stain as seen in the image above. There are two main front iPhone 7 color options 95 at Speck, the most popular iPhone 6s color choice for over. The black looks a lot like the bezel on your hdtv. In addition to the six iPhone 7 color options. You dont like white phone fronts 000 Gotta Be Mobile readers was Rose Gold with. There is no best iPhone 7 color to buy that is tougher to scratch. Essentially, the light color of the silver iPhone 7 may still give it a small edge compared to the other colors.

Which iPhone 7 Color Should I Buy, there is no option to customize the iPhone 7 color combinations from Apple. You have to choose the iPhone 7 color that fits your style and use best. A gold iPhone color option can show discoloration if not cleaned regularly. Jet Black, but if you for like to buy and just use the iPhone without worrying. Keep this in mind, silver, so this front color depends on the main color you choose. Rose Gold, we observe some discoloration on lighter iPhone 7 color options when users leave them in a case for long periods and expose them to moisture and then heat. Heres your ultimate look at the iPhone 7 color options. Look at me or that confirms you are using the new iPhone.

The other colors you have likely seen, even if you are overdue for an upgrade.Bluetooth:.2, wi-Fi (802.11 a, b, g, n,.If you use a clear iPhone 7 case, color is especially important.


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Red iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus You want to support Product RED, you want a standout iPhone 7 color.The new Red, Black and Jet Black iPhone 7 colors arent available on previous models so youll need to check them out on an iPhone.This is something to keep in mind if you are concerned about the color of front of the iPhone.Rose Gold and Jet Black are interesting fashion color choices for the iPhone.”