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off and set it aside. To ensure that youve perfectly changed your battery, its time to turn on your iPhone. No lithium-ion battery lasts forever: As your iPhone ages

declines in mixer battery life can cause unexpected shutdowns or render your device too slow to function. The bottom screw is the slightly larger one. Mobilbatteri till Apple iPhone 4S Högsta kvalité. If you've got an iPhone that's getting on in years, your battery isn't going to hold a charge like it once did. Byt ut ditt mobilbatteri när du känner att passningstiden är dålig. If you're up to the task, hit the guide below and we'll walk you through every step of the way. How to replace the iPhone 4S battery. First, make sure the battery is the problem: If you've already tried a restore and still seem to have poor battery life or are experiencing other symptoms of a bad battery such as overheating, random shutdowns, or a battery icon that just won't charge,. Apple's iPhone 4S is getting on in years, with most launch batteries likely nearing their expiration date. Often, people feel they must buy a whole new iPhone when its battery no longer holds power, when in fact it only needs a replacement. Denne type batterier er langt bedre til fx iPhones end de gamle Nikkel batterier, men som alle andre batterier har de en hvis levetid før de begynder at blive dårligere. As far as symptoms, a bad battery in an iPhone 5c can produce overheating issues, sporadic shutdowns, and dismal battery life. Before performing any repairs on the iPhone 4S, you should power off the device. Using the Phillips screwdriver, you need to gently remove the two screws holding the battery in place. If you have noticed that your iPhone 4S battery does not hold its charge like it once did, then its time to change your battery. Skub bagcoveret op som på en gammel Nokia telefon og fjern det. Remember which screw goes where. Fjern de to skruer der sidder i bunden af din iPhone.

And about 15 minutes of iphone your time. If it doesnt work, or reach out bort to our partners in all things DIY. A battery replacement for the iPhone 4S consists of 4 screws. Her efter er det blot at indsætte det nye batteri og samle din iPhone igen. Negle eller plastik genstand, a few tools, then replace the two outer screws on each side of the dock connector using the security screwdriver. And avoid forcing it as it could bend or rip the battery. Så læs med her og se hvordan du selv skifter batteriet nemt og hurtigt.

Då kan det vara läge att byta batteriet.Med relativt små ingrepp kan du byta det själv på ungefär 20 minuter.I den här guiden beskriver vi har du byter batteriet (du kan även passa på att byta baksidan om det behövs) på din iPhone 4S (Guiden kan också användas för iPhone 4 förutsatt att du har rätt verktyg och rätt batteri ).

Iphone 4 s byta batteri

You must first get hold of the following items. Its best to exhaust the first battery life before completely screen charging the device fully. We can walk you through from start to finish. Sponsored Links, detta batteri är kompatibelt med Apple iPhone. How to replace the battery of your iPhone. Re experiencing, be sure to check out our other. If youapos, based on the tips found.

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Carefully snap down the replacement battery into the logic board, then firmly press down to ensure that the adhesive sticks.Bemærk at denne efterfølgende guide er på eget ansvar, og er din telefon inden for en garanti periode anbefaler vi ikke at du selv åbner din iPhone da garantien ryger.Battery Health section in Settings, if your battery has dropped below peak capacity, it's worth considering a replacement.”